The three trainees: Wilson, Brewster and Koko each belong to different team in Chuggington. Learn more about the teams here! 

We're Chug Patrol & We're Ready to Roll!

The Chug Patrol are Chuggington’s special rescue team. Based at Chug Patrol Headquarters located at the depot, the team is lead by Chug Patrol Chief, Jackman. Other chuggers in the team include trainee Wilson, Calley and Fire Chugger Asher. They are responsible for keeping the chuggers safe out on the track, preventing harmful accidents or helping out in a rescue situation.


We Are The Chuggineers!

The Chuggineers are Chuggington’s engineering team. The are responsible for building bridges and tunnels, laying tracks, demolishing old buildings and the general maintenance in Chuggington. Lead by Chuggineer Zack, other chuggers in the team include Tyne, Fletch and trainee Brewster. They are known to chant as they work. “We are the Chuggineers, the best at laying track!” 


Go Koko, Go Koko!

Speed Fleet is Chuggington’s high speed train fleet. The team consists mainly of Hanzo and Koko. Hanzo is Koko’s mentor and when they are not doing passenger runs and delivering freight or packages, they reside mainly in the Chugasonic speed track. This is where they spend their days doing high speed training. Daley, a high speed courier chugger and Payce, the tunnel runner from Tootington are also part of Speed Fleet.